3 free ways fast track reselling success

Fratsy is a Group Buy website with a difference! We are dedicated to help people succeed as online resellers.

We know from experience that investing in inventory always comes with a risk, and when your first starting out you often question yourself – ”How much profit will I make?” or, “are these the right products for me to sell?”..

Our whole Ethos here at Fratsy is to mitigate this uncertainty in reselling.

That’s why we’ve developed a community driven website focused around group-buying – you can share the risk and share the rewards! We are a tool to help you succeed in your reselling career.


But we aren’t stopping there.

We want to be 100% sure that you make money from investment in our inventory.

We want everyone thinking about reselling, or scaling their reselling business, to shine without failure.


We have put together 3 services to achieve complete security for our reseller community.

  1. Free samples

free samples

This is us essentially saying ‘don’t take our word for it, and try before you buy.

Each member of the Fratsy reseller community (Sign up for free) will get a free sample request. This means a product that is on a group buy campaign will get sent to you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Gain confidence by reviewing and testing the product. We advise you take your own picture’s and review the product (as some ecommerce platforms result in more sales with sellers’ own photos, as it allows buyers to see for themselves that the products are genuine and good quality). List it on your chosen ecommerce platform and review your results.

  1. Review other Fratsy community resale results

product reviews

Each campaign has a comment box, which documents the past reviews, Q&As and sales reports from previous and current Fratsy group buys.

This includes: time it previously took to sell all units and profit made on sales.

  1. Drop shipping group buy products

easiest way to make money online

Get your foot in the door with Fratsy Drop shipping

Dropshipping a Fratsy group-buy enables you to test the market for yourself to fully ensure that this is the right product to resell and help you sell without clearing space in your garage or renting a space in a warehouse like Amazon FBA.

Fratsy offers dropshipping on several campaign products. This helps you get your foot in the door and start reselling at your own pace!

Below are the group-buys that you can currently dropship:

Chad Valley 3 piece wooden puzzles

Am clean sound stylus cleaner

We offer 5 units for dropshipping to help you get the hang of reselling, as it never a good idea to run before you can walk.

All you have to do is request a dropshipping account, then you can list the items and only pay for the inventory, once they sell. We will then ship it direct to your customer.


We are so happy to have the collaborative power of this community owned platform to offer everything you need to succeed as a reseller with no risk. So, what are you waiting for and fast track your reseller career.


What’s next?


As your confidence is now booming, thanks to the 3 points above, Fratsy can do what it does best and brake through the boundaries of business competition to unlock wholesale discounts on inventory!


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