How to resell Kickstarter products?


Many resellers have asked the question, ‘how do I get popular Kickstarter inventory to resell’, or, ‘is it possible to make a profit reselling Kickstarter products’.

Well this blog highlights how to sell Kickstarter (and competitors) products for cheaper than the retail price…

On every Kickstarter campaign there are rewards to entice fans and backers to pledge more money.

the more money you pledge the better the reword you will receive, but also to entice you to donate more money.

These rewards are usually several the products the campaign is seeking funding for. The more expensive the reward, the more products you received at wholesale prices.

For example, the smallest pledge reward and the largest pledge reward are stated below:


The largest pledged reward is usually aimed at resellers as it provides economy of scale discount on the products allowing a reseller to get a great return on investment.

The smallest reward gets you 1 Dart module and 2 paper plane templates for $25 (£18.75).

In the Largest reward gets you 24 Dart module and 132 templates and extras for $599 (£449).

These templates sell for $11.99 (£8.99) each. So that’s a whole lot of free inventory to make a buddle of reseller cash.


 Will these Kickstarter products resell?

Due to all products on Kickstarter being new or even prior to hitting the market, you may think these products may be slow sellers. That’s no the case as works as a great marketing tool where many products go viral and consumers start to search sites like Amazon and eBay for them as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends and launches in to market.

Fully funded or almost fully funded Kickstarter products usually means they are popular products and ideal inventory to resell.


It’s a big investment to reach the largest reward

Yes, to get the best reseller deal, you do have to excepts a sizable down payment BUT there is a way to invest the price of the smaller reward and receive the benefits of the larger reward.

Fratsy is a group-buying tool for resellers that enable multiple resellers to collectively purchase the larger reward and divide the inventory equally between the buyers. This results in getting more inventory for your money and a better return on investment when reselling the Kickstarter products.


How do I get wholesale prices on the Kickstarter product at the price of the smallest reward?

Explore the Fratsy buy page for kickstarter and other popular group-buy products or submit the Kickstarter products URL link in to the ‘Request product feature’ on the Fratsy home page, as shown below:

Wholesale request
Fratsy kickstarter product request


What if the product I want doesn’t provide wholesale rewards?

As some campaigns do not provide wholesale deals in their rewards or don’t reach bulk quantities that enable good reseller profit margins, we also go direct to the company and negotiate larger orders that we then enable to group-buy on our website.

You can still request this product. Don’t worry, we will we find the best deal!



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