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Fratsy is the first ever company to join group-buying with resellers. We have a reputation for providing great deals to all resellers, with a hospitable and friendly service.


Our social mission is to create new opportunities for low income individuals who can’t enter the reseller market due to high upfront costs. Success for us is marked by every single person who joins our community, that would otherwise have been repressed by large businesses. We encourage this transformation through the ‘Share it. Profit’ scheme, by providing guidance, increased security and benefits.


A reselling career provides flexibility, meaning and job satisfaction that has the power to turn lives around. We would know, as Fratsy was a solution to our own battle to thrive as low income resellers.


We also care about our carbon footprint. We actively support ‘Surfers Against Sewage’ to reduce pollution in our oceans and we actively seek suppliers that use minimal and recyclable packaging.


Happy re-selling!

Fratsy founders



WE actively promote fratsy to low income workers

We actively promote Fratsy to low income workers through social media, networking events, jobs fairs and at job centers.

WE offer continued support and guidance

Group buying experts at Fratsy offer individuals on our Share it. Profit scheme a 1:1 or group introduction to group buying on Fratsy through Skype. We offer pointers, advice and guidance. This is a no pressure, no strings attached support service that does not end after the first support session, our experts are always on hand to answer questions.

we offer increased benefits

As a member of the ‘Share it. Profit’ scheme individuals have access to benefits such as first visibility of particularly profitable group-buys, information on the latest trends in group-buying and exclusive access to expert advice from us and renowned industry experts.

want to find out if you are eligible to join the share it. profit scheme?

Contact us here.


WE ARE PROUD TO tell you jamie’s story – a painter and decorator who is now FINANCIALLY STABLE THANKS TO GROUP BUYING on fratsy.

Jamie, London, UK

A painter and decorator by trade, Jamie bought second hand, damaged guitars for many years that he then fixed and resold alongside his full time job. He bought small job lots from eBay which he then split and resold individually back on eBay at a profit. Jamie enjoyed flipping products he sourced from eBay but when he calculated the time it took him to find the right products and modify the items he was making marginal profits.

This is when Jamie was introduced to Fratsy’s ‘Share it. Profit’ scheme at a networking event. He was determined to quit his job and live scale a reselling business.

WE TOLD HIM.. there was no need to spend hours searching for hidden treasures through hundreds of pages on eBay. Fratsy analyses which products sell fast on Amazon and only provide them to our customers. Reselling is possible for you through Group-Buying, so you can piggyback off other resellers purchases to reach  wholesale prices.

Jamie was understandably hesitant at first. He wanted proof that Fratsy was a trusted website and he wanted to know that suppliers sold genuine products.

‘WE pride ourseleves on being transparent with where our products come from, their retail prices and best sellers rank’ 

We were able to show the ‘View Retailer’s Website’ button on all of our listings. This allows the reseller to see what price the product is being sold for on Amazon and it’s ‘Amazon Bestsellers Rank’.

A few weeks on, Jamie has received his order after waiting 6 days for two more resellers to reduce his wholesale unit price down 65%. He then decided after further research that forwarding these products on the Amazon FBA would save him time posting each product individually and boost his sales by sharing the product buy box and providing Amazon Prime for the customers purchasing his stock.

Thumbs up to you Jamie. We wish you the best off luck on your quest to become a full time reseller and we look forward to you joining more wholesale group buys.


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