Reseller hustle and Wholesale help

Reselling is much more lucrative when buying your inventory in wholesale. This article will make sure you get the most out of wholesale.

How wholesale is important for resellers

Selling products provided by wholesalers is a great way to generate revenue for your business! A wholesaler acquires stock at distribution prices as they promise to administer sales with big companies that buy large quantities. Retailers and large resellers are then able to buy batch quantities from them at much lower than the recommended retail price.

Ordering small quantities from wholesalers is not feasible as wholesalers need to reach their sales targets. So, their price goes down the more you buy, to entice more sales. They don’t waste time with small orders or if they do, they don’t offer prices that can provide a return on investment.

Essentially, wholesalers and resellers fulfil different roles in the chain of logistics that stretches from producer to consumer.

It all boils down increasing profitability and wholesalers underpin a profitable resellers business. Let’s not forget that wholesalers also need resellers. This creates a symbiotic relationship that allows both parties to grow and benefit through a shared endeavour to make money from buying in bulk and reselling reduced quantities for a profit.



How Fratsy can reach the top/ discount wholesale prices
 fratsy discount help
fratsy discount help

Fratsy is an online market place, or tool, used by resellers to help them reach the best prices available, and ultimately increase their profit margins.

Traditionally, wholesalers give the best discounts to large companies, or companies that put in big orders, as they want to keep on winning this business from them.

Generally speaking, resellers, especially those that are just starting out or reselling part time, tend not to have the capital available or the space required to put in massive orders with wholesalers. Wholesalers therefore view resellers as ‘small fish’ and don’t tend to offer them the best deals available.


This is where Fratsy comes in….

We want to see a place where the ‘little guy’ wins. We want to level the playing field.

At Fratsy, resellers can join their orders together (if ordering the same product), to collectively make 1 large order that is placed with the wholesaler. This means that the wholesaler will have to sit up and listen, and provide their best prices for us.

Each product has a limited time when it is ‘live’ on the Fratsy website. During that time as many resellers as possible within the community can purchase as many units of that product as they wish – this could be a little or a lot…

Once the allotted time is finished, everyone that made a purchase will pay the lowest amount that has been reached (dependant on the overall quantity ordered).

Fratsy will then take the final order number to the wholesaler, and place the order 🙂

The resellers all benefit, as everyone reaches a price that alone they wont not have been able to get.

Why you need Wholesale-help

Fratsy has been working closely with Andy Lawrence from Wholesale-help as he provides key information to make sure people do wholesale right. The ‘leg-up’ from Fratsy can be wasted by not selling the products in a way that gets you the most traction. Wholesale-help provides training for online sellers, hosts meet-ups and provides personal feedback.

Andy helps you build your online business from his personal reselling success, maximising sales and generating more targeted traffic that all results in more money for you!

Much like Andy Lawrence from wholesale-help, Fratsy also has a passion for getting new or flatline resellers thriving. Andy is one of the leading experts in one-to-one help and we would recommend you uses his services, which including Free eBay templates and training courses just to name a few.


Andy’s Youtube is the best way to help you build your dream online selling business. Subscribe to Andy’s YouTube channel below

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