Reseller subscription service & Amazon inventory investment

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NEW FEATURE: Inventory sample subscription service

Due to the success, Fratsy has had with running a platform for group-buying reseller inventory, we have been looking at ways of adding new services for our ‘partner’ customers. We know just how important it is (especially in these turbulent times!) to reduce the risks associated with starting a new eCommerce business (reselling on Amazon). Fortunately, Fratsy is here to help you do just that! With our range of buying tools, we help you take advantage of group buying and help you improve your purchase power.

Behind the scenes here at Fratsy HQ, we have developed another unprecedented solution to excel small eCommerce resellers, all with the power of group buying together.

One of our new developments is a subscription service that delivers inventory samples for resellers that you are able to sell every month. We have spent the time sourcing these products so you don’t have to! We have also pre-tested their selling ranks to make sure you’re buying the most profitable products available.

Thanks to group-buying, the number of subscribers enables us to source the products at economy of scale prices which allows the resellers to make even more money off reselling the inventory received from the Fratsy subscription every month.

Not only does this get your foot in the door to becoming a reseller, but we guarantee sales and up to £35 profit, every month. If you like the results of any of the products you receive you you have gained the confidence to purchase a larger amount of units. You can buy them from our group-buy page.

You can cancel your subscription anytime, and for £15 you will receive from 1-6 products with a high sales turnover score and a valued at circa £50 on Amazon.


Reseller subscription service
The subscription service for resellers


NEW FEATURE: Invest in the inventory of Group-Buy resellers

This exciting new feature is aimed at everyone who wants to take advantage of Amazon reselling, without the hassle of actually reselling. We are expanding in the Fintech sector and adding a new private equity feature for individuals to invest in eCommerce.

Our community-owned website has also accumulated traffic from entrepreneurs excited to invest in the fast-growing business of eCommerce but without becoming a reseller… we have now accommodated group-buying to benefit investors and further benefit our reseller community.

This is done by:

Entrepreneurs and individuals alike can now invest directly in resellers and their inventory. This helps provides an influx of cash that resellers desperately need in order to scale up their operations, and also take advantage of larger orders and lower prices.

Just like investing in a publicly listed business, you will be backing resellers and will benefit from the profits they make from selling on Amazon.

Fratsy enables low tier investments which when grouped together dramatically increase the price reductions on the Fratsy group-buy page. Our pre-vetted resellers then redeem the credited reduced wholesale price inventory and sell them, sharing the net profit with the investors, through Fratsys RIGHT TO RESELL program.

We have a growing number of our reseller’s signing up for RIGHT TO RESELL accounts, building a consistent sales forecast with impressive profit margins that endeavour to increase upon purchasing higher unit orders from the Fratsy group-buy market place.

When the inventory has sold, the investors’ money is returned along with (up to) 10% profit. Any remaining profit will be kept by the reseller to help with additional purchases.

profit on resellers margins
Invest in inventory and get a return in the reseller’s profit

Just like with crowdfunding websites where groups of individuals invest in a project in return for a return on investment (ROI), or where individuals together share a portion of a property and then share the rental income each month.

This is the first peer to peer lending service available in the Reselling space! This is an exciting opportunity to get in at ground level!

Fratsy has provided a service for people to invest in the inventory that resellers sell. The profit is then shared between the group of backers.


The benefit of this for the investors, much like the group-buying property or group-buying projects, is there is no admin investment of time and new skills that need to be learnt. Just taking advantage of economy of scale returns on a proven concept that continues to provide a lucrative income.


To bring clarity and separate of our features, we have put them into different membership packages:



Free: Sign up to become a reseller that can buy in wholesale from our group-buy page.


£15 per month: for the Inventory sample subscription service.


Investment*: in resellers Group-Buy inventory.

*Tier 1: £1000 for up to 10% per annum.

*Tier 3: £3,500 for up to 10% per annum.

*Tier 3: £5,000 for up to 10% per annum.


You are now updated with our new features. We are extremely excited to have developed what our community have asked and If you have any questions on how to become a member or for any further questions please leave a comment or email us at

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