Selling Platforms – Which one is the best for Resellers?

For all new Resellers, one of the most important decisions to get right is which selling platform to use to sell your products.

There is a vast array of selling platforms available online and offline – all differing depending on your location.

As there are so many out there, it is important to come to realize that they all have different pros and cons, and that you may be using 2 or 3 different platforms at any one time, depending on what products you are currently selling.

*Important note: In order to maximize your chance of success, it is sometime best practice to list one product on multiple sites.

Amazon reseller
Amazon – Make an account


Amazon is often thought of as the King when it comes to UK Resellers, and a vast amount of Amazon Resellers are bringing in revenue in the 6 figures.

Amazon is best for selling first hand, brand new products (that are genuine). They are strict when it comes to what products are listed, and will want to verify that certain (branded) products are genuine and not fake – so be prepared to supply invoices from where you have bought the products.

Amazon also have guidelines on how many Resellers can sell certain products (normally top selling brands), so it is a good idea to research this before you make a wholesale purchase. Selling Price

Amazon has a monthly price plan depending on how many products you sell a month.

* Basic Plan – Free

Sell less than 35 products per month.

Each product sold is subject to £0.75 fee

* Pro Plan – £25 (exc. VAT)

Sell more than 35 products per month

On top of the monthly plan fees, you also have to pay Amazon ‘Referral Fees’ and ‘Fixed Closing Fees’.

* Referral Fees

This is paid on each item sold, and depends on what category the product is in. It varies between roughly 7% and 15% (calculated on the TOTAL sum paid by the buyer – including taxes etc.)

* There is normally a Minimum fee of £0.40.

* Fixed Closing Fee

This fee is a fixed cost of £0.50 charged per item sold for Media Products (books, music, videos and DVD’s).

Both the Basic Plan and the Pro Plans are subject to Referral Fees and Fixed Closing Fees.

(Amazon also offer ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’ or FBA for short. This will be covered in a separate blog post.)

Ebayer seller - make an account
Ebay – make an account


Ebay is also a firm favorite with a lot of Resellers. Ebay focuses both on New and Used products. Selling Prices

Ebay allows all sellers to list 20 items per month for free. After this it costs £0.35 to list additional items.

When an item is sold, sellers pay an additional 10% of the final selling price (including P+P).

This is capped to a maximum fee of £250 per item.

If you use Ebay a lot to sell products, there is also the option to create an ‘Ebay Shop’. This costs £19.99 per month, but gives you 100 free listings per month.

For a list of more selling features prices, please see:

Etsy - make an account
Etsy – make an account


Etsy is a great example for finding a marketplace that best suits your products, as Etsy’s sale rate on creative/arty items are much better than on Amazon, but trending toys and top brands sell better on Amazon.

So if you are focussing on building up a niche following by selling ‘Arty’/ ‘Creative’ products, then Etsy is a great platform to utilise. Selling Prices

Etsy is a US based company, and as such there fees are based on the US Dollar – so the listing fees can change daily, depending on the exchange rate.

It costs $0.20 (roughly £0.17) to list an item with Etsy.

If your product sells, then you will have to pay a 5% transaction fee and between 3-4% payment processing fee (these are based on the TOTAL price inc. P+P).

It is also worth noting that when setting up and Etsy ‘shop’ to sell via, you will be asked to enter a VAT registration number. If you are a new reseller, then it is likely that you won’t be VAT registered. In this case Etsy will add VAT of 20%.


Facebook marketplace
Facebook marketplace


Facebook marketplace is a very useful selling platform for predominantly second hand or used products. It is also great to get a feel for reselling as many resellers start by selling 2nd hand goods and then scale to buying in wholesale and reselling brand new inventory on their own websites.

It could be a good platform to both find hidden gems to sell on, or to sell your own used products (often sourced from Thrift Stores)

Facebook marketplace is free to buy and sell from.

It is only limited to your specific location, so is most useful for Resellers living in cities or large towns.


Why not test the marketplace first?

Drop shipping is an amazing process to use when finding the right platforms for you.

If you are a new reseller or want to test out what marketplace sells different products the best, you can list products you don’t actually stock – Just so long as you have a vendor lined up that can provide you (or the consumer) with the product when bought.

This will allow you to increase the number of successful products you resell and reduce the risk of hoarding slow selling stock.

Fratsy provide dropshipping on some of their wholesale items. comment on the campaigns or email them to find out more.


Stay golden!

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