WHITE OUT Teeth Makeup For Translucent Teeth

Transparent teeth can now be cover up with makeup, thanks to the new launching of WHITE OUT cosmetics. 

This ingenious invention has been the answer to hundreds of unsolved internet forum posts. 

Finally, fading white teeth are a thing of the past.  


Just like you would apply makeup to your skin to cover up blemishes and add radiant colour, you can now make your teeth look healthier and brighter, thanks to the WHITE OUT pen. 


The pen releases an enamel-like makeup on to its brush, for applying to the transparent parts of your teeth. It is safe to go in your mouth and was created to have no taste or texture for the purpose of applying on to the rear side of teeth. The benefit of being on the tongue side if the teeth, is so the WHITE OUT makeup matches with the colour of your teeth.

The enamel teeth paint works as a shield behind your teeth to prevent light passing through, resulting in full white teeth, from top to bottom. Although this is not a teeth whiting product, it does make teeth appear whiter as the white pigment overlays the transparency.  

This finely tuned cosmetic product comes in an aluminium applicator pen which is dispatched in a branded box with free postage.    

WHITE OUT was developed by makeup artists, for the purpose of simply there not being anything available to cosmetically hide the appearance of transparent teeth.  

WHITE OUT is now being used by females and males, as a quick and easy way to hide teeth transparency, themselves.

It dries in seconds, providing a bonding that lasts the whole day and can be removed by brushing. 

Translucent teeth fix
Fix transparent teeth with makeup

You can buy this enamel paint direct from their website or you can buy it via group-buying via Fratsy and you may be able to get it at economy of scale discount prices, teaming up with other consumers buying it at the same time.


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